To protect your customers' sensitive personal and credit card information, your E-commerce website will be on a secure server.

We use the strongest commercially available level of encryption, 128 bit SSL. All your customers' personal and credit card details will be encrypted at all times while in transit over the Internet

The authentic Secure Site Seal lets your customers know that your E-commerce site uses SSL encryption by Comodo to ensure their personal information is safe and secure.

Only the pages from which you customers submit personal/credit card information need to be secure. Therefore, on your E-commerce site only the Checkout Page will be secure.

How do your customers know whether or not a page is secure?

When they see the yellow padlock in the status bar area of your browser, your customers are assured that their data is encrypted, protected from hackers, and cannot be intercepted.

To verify security on your e-commerce website, simply click on the yellow padlock at the bottom of the Checkout page.

Another even easier way to confirm that your E-commerce site is safe and secure is to check the URL or web address in the address window of your Internet Explorer browser. If the URL begins with https:// - the s simply indicates the page is secure. If the URL begins with http:// and there is no s at the end of the http, the page is not secure.

Remember, there is no need for a page to be secure unless your customers will be submitting personal/credit card data from it.

What exactly does Around Houston do to secure your Checkout Page?

We apply for, install, program and test your SSL Certificate.

How often does this process need to be repeated?

Your SSL Security Certificate will expire one year from the issue date.

What is the cost the first year?

The cost of your SSL Security Certificate for the first year is $149.00. The Certificate itself is $49.00 while the charge to apply, install, program, and test is $100.00.

What is the cost per year to renew?

The cost to renew your SSL Security Certificate after the first year is $149.00 per year. The Certificate itself is $49.00 while the annual charge to apply, install, program, and test is $100.00.