Is there a better solution than a custom e-commerce system designed by Around Houston Web Design?

No. A secure, on-line, custom database driven shopping cart system built by Around Houston Web Design with any or all of the following optional features is simply as good as it gets:

Is there a solution other than a custom shopping cart system built by Around Houston Web Design?

Yes. Customers shop on your website and pay through Paypal.
This is an easy, quick way to start accepting credit cards online. Paypal, which is owned by Ebay allows your customers to pay securely and easily. Why Paypal may be the right solution for your business: Learn More

Learn the 3 steps to set up a Paypal Business Account:

Compare Paypal to the traditional Merchant Account and Gateway

So, what does Around Houston charge to design and build a shopping cart website using Paypal as the payment system?

First, you will need at least five informational web pages. Each category would be an individual page, for example:

Why would I need more than five informational web pages?

If you have both product and product sub-categories, each sub-category would also require an individual page, In the navigation below, for example CDs would be a category and therefore, a page while Rock, Country, Jazz and Rap would all be sub-categories, so each of those would also require an individual page.

Music CDs

Why does each product sub-category require an individual page?

So your shoppers would be able to find exactly what they are looking for and be able to easily get to every sub-category and back with one simple click.

What are the advantages of a custom-shopping cart over the Paypal alternative?

Custom, of course, means that your e-commerce system would be designed and built from scratch to accommodate your exact, specific needs according to the most popular and/or advanced options you require.

In addition to designing and building my informational pages, what else does Around Houston Web Design do if Paypal provides the payment system?

Around Houston programs your products to work with Paypal.

What does Around Houston charge to make my products work with Paypal?

There is a one-time charge in the amount of $250.00 to make your products work with Paypal plus the regular informational website package price based on the number of pages you need..